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Bargnani is NICE! Those who complain he's European, wait and see! When Krause expressed interest in Gasol a few years ago people said he was in love with this "european" player! Look at him now! Bargnani is nice, but not sure if he fits in. He would bring the defending Center out of the blocks, that's for sure. The man can shoot! Aldridge might be the perfect compliment to Chandler. He's a Center with length and size who can score fairly well. He's an upgrade over what we had last year so how bad can that be? If they add Tyrus Thomas to! That COULD be special. Tyson needs help. Thomas and Chandler both play with passion and energy. They would feed off eachother. The Bulls would have a nasty interior defense. Tyson plays best with a good sidekick. I hope Roy is not the pick at the #2. He would only take minutes from Gordon or Hinrich and I'm not sure if that's a good thing. By the way...Randy Livingston is training Tyrus Thomas right now. Randy was with the Bulls last year. Word is that Tyrus has already put on 10 lbs of muscle preparing for his rookie year. Lastly, Thomas IS NOT the second coming of Swift. Be creative people. Just because they are from the same college doesn't mean they are the same player. Anyone who has seen Thomas play can see that there are few who play with his passion.
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