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Default Re: Michael Beasley says that he is a combo forward..

Originally Posted by tian820
I don't see why Gordon can't be traded to a team that needs a scorer. Most people compare Eric Gordon to him so why couldn't he be trade to a lottery team who's in position to grab a big man. Seems logical to say the least to me. Then the guard situation is a little less cloudy and Rose could be the guy.

Highly doubt we would be able to trade Gordon for a lotto pick. Why? Because Gordon is going to have to be signed and then traded away, and more than likely is going to get 8-10 million. So for a trade to work with a lotto player, your going to have to match salaries, say roughly 9 million, and the rookie could take away about 2-3 million. So the team would trade away a lotto player, for Ben Gordon and a mid level player (probably a role player) to get a player who is going to give you 20 pts a game, no defense and no leadership...not going to happen. Trading him for more of a vet big man isn't out of the question, I am sure the Pacers would be more than willing to work with a deal around Ben Gordon.

Ring#7, the reason I want Tyrus gone is because he is bascially already a bust. Sure he has shown some improvements but IMO that was a huge mistake by Paxson, he had LA who was better than Tyrus is now when he came into the league and has only gotten better. And when you can work a trade out to get rid of him for something other than a pick lets see it. The guy makes around 3 million I believe and getting any first round pick for him would be solid. The funny thing is Joey Dorsey is going to be better than Tyrus, and he is a projected 2nd round pick.

And saying Tyrus could be better than Beasley is like saying Ben Gordon is the second comming of MJ.
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