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Default Re: this is TURF BOYZ territory

Originally Posted by Dengness9
Ignant hyphy ain't dead. Sorry we don't read the OTC board so we wouldnt have known genius. Plus my post got deleted by a mod apparently cuz I didn't do it. Im just as much a racist as you. Look at your life, you are making gangs on the internet. I hope you don't find a way to impregnate a woman through the internet, cuz we know you wont stick around just like in real life.

...can you hicks read?

I mean goddamn, I said in an earlier post that I got bored of the **** so I stopped after 7 or so teams

Dude your lines are so corny and lame ... "cuz we know you wont stick around just like in real life"

me so mad
aw the little retard honkey made a racist joke

talking about sisters...hows yours doing? I know it must be tough for her to blow everyone from grandpapy to the fat ass cousin

By the way we both know your post didn't get deleted by a mod; quit lying and just admit you *****ed out like the punk ***** you are

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