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Default Re: Michael Beasley says that he is a combo forward..

Originally Posted by Ring#7
Okay I may have exagerated about Tyrus being better than beasley. But tyrus aint as bad of a player as you make it sound. I think with Rose and some real coaching he's gonna put up big numbers this year. With consistent minutes he could be a canadite for the most improved player award. He's also got future defensive player of the year potential. Beasleys alot better because he can hold his own. Tyrus on the other hand needs to feed off the energy of his team. So in a way, thats a bonus for Tyrus because he's more of a team player. And remember the NBA is turning into a 5 man game so guys like Thomas are gonna benifit from it.

He was a top 5 pick. Chicago had the 2nd pick in the draft and traded down to 4 to get him. Honestly, if you are a top 5 pick in the draft, you shouldn't need another player to become 'good' or even coaching. He should have the basketball IQ to become good or great by himself. He has had his time in the NBA and he should be there, yes he was a project but really how long should a project take? It's not like the kid came into the NBA without picking up a ball before. I used to be real high on Tyrus and thought he was the most untouchable Bull due to the high ceiling he had, well now I am fed up with him and IMO he had his chance but it's passed - I think we should just drop him while we can. I mean if they draft Rose then yeah keep him around for another season unless he is the key to getting a big man, but if they draft Beasley he should be the first one gone.
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