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Originally Posted by Ring#7
Thanks for the advice. I guess I hadn't looked at it that way. You guys just taught me a lesson in debating over the internet. Who do I pay? lol. Now I know not to take it so personal. Oh well, back to basketball. So what do ya think about the Lakers and the celtics? I think the Lakers are gonna take it. But after seeing paul pierce' passion for the game, and considering how long he's been struggling with the Celtics. I think he deserves more than anyone. So I'm a bit indifferent.

I want the Celtics to win because I am a huge Pierce fan (Rock Chalk), and I think the whole Big 3 deserves a Championship. But the Lakers are just so damn good and good on both sides of the ball. If they had Bynum it'd be over in 5, but since he is out the Celtics still have a chance. And you know KG and Pierce are going to show up, if Allen can show up to, then who knows maybe that home court will help them out.
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