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Default Re: Michael Beasley says that he is a combo forward..

If we draft Beasley, no doubt Thomas is outta here. And Thomas was a top 5 pick and a project. but the draft was weak that year. (Bargnani went 1 overall) And Aldridge and Roy turned out better than expected. Even though my top 3 in that draft was Aldridge, Gay, and Roy in that order. Tyrus came outta no where, but I didnt mind cause at the time we still had Chandler, and that front court with Chandler and Tyrus had alot of potential. Then Paxsons mouth start drooling over Ben Wallace and traded away Chandler for PJ Brown and JR Smith. Didnt play JR at all that year, barely played Tyrus, Wallace hogged up all the minutes and averaged 4 points, and they gave all Tyrus minutes to PJ Brown who was suspected to retire. What the hell happened there? But I dont see us drafting Beasley so Rose is a no brainer. If we could just find a complete center to pair with Tyrus then its all good. If not we should include Tyrus in a trade for Elton Brand.
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