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Default This should be an interesting offseason.

Well for starters... first pick in the draft and a new coach. I wonder what else Paxson has planned. Bringing in Doug Collins and drafting either Beasley or Rose (I hope Rose) won't fix all of this teams problems. If they draft Beasley, they really need help at both their SG and PG positions and if they draft Rose they need help at their SG position (though if they re-signed Ben Gordon he'd be much improved playing with Rose, IMO) and they'd need help at PF. The thing with Rose though is that if he could develop into a good PG then the Bulls don't need as much help as they'd need with Beasley. Rose could turn Gordon, Deng, Thomas, Gooden, etc. into all-star players. Look at the Hornets... Chris Paul turned Tyson Chandler into a star player.

Anyways, what else do you think needs to be done?
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