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Post Re: Should we trade Hinrich and Gordon?

Our biggest problem is that we have too many guys that deserve good minutes. Hinrich, Gordon (because he is our best shooter, and I think Paxson will resign him), Sefolosha, Deng, Nocioni, TT, Gooden, and Noah. I could even include Gray in there, because he really improved over the course of the season and deserves to be the backup center. We will be adding either Rose or Beasley, so that makes 9 players that deserve 30+ minutes/game. If we sign someone like Brand, that makes 10. There just aren't enough minutes to go around, so we either stick with what we have and spread the minutes too thin (which didn't work this year), or we can blow it up and get a superstar. I don't think that would be possible either, unless Paxson and Reinsdorf are willing to go over the luxury tax, but we still have the problem of too many guys.
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