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Default Re: This should be an interesting offseason.

Why is Rose automatically Chirs Paul? Chris Paul is Chris Paul - Derrick Rose will be a would take a couple years before he makes Thomas or Gooden star players.

You draft Beasley and you fix Chicago's number 1 issue which is inside scoring. Sure Beasley thinks himself of more of a 3 before a 4, but he is a beast and would play 4 for almost any team in the league.

You draft Rose, you have to worry about dropping either Hinrich, Hughes, Gordon, or Thabo. AND you still have to fill the need of a solid post player. Sorry Tyrus Thomas cannot fill this role.

Bascially drafting Rose creates more work, something Pax doesn't have the balls to do. Draft Beasley and put that team on the court and they would be a winning team - with Rose, there is no telling if the team would mesh under Rose. The team had meshed with Hinrich 2 years ago, then trade rumors, coaching issues, and a trade happend and screwed a bunch of stuff up. Putting Beasley on the floor, makes the entire team better more than you'd think - he takes pressure off of other players, which can be just as effective as someone who can get a player open for a jump shot. (Not to mention Chicago has been a jump shooting team for awhile now, and far has that gotten us?)
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