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Default Re: This should be an interesting offseason.

Originally Posted by Bulls_Fan20
You said it, we meshed with Hinrich, then distractions got in the way. This year, there won't be any distractions, as long as Paxson does what is necessary and gets rid of Gordon and Duhon. Then we have our 4 guard rotation, nobody has to worry about anything, and we can get back to how we were playing in 2006.

I agree by just letting Duhon sign with another team, and I'd be fine with letting Gordon walk due to knowing he is going to ask for to much, if he denies 10 million a year before the season. I'd be fine with drafting Rose at this point since the guard position wouldn't be over populated, and Kirk could focus more on scoring and defense - what he did best at Kansas. And that bascially gives Chicago 2 ball handlers on the floor at the same time, something that is deadly.

As for Gooden, I agree he could become 20/10 with the right players around him, he was a monster in college and really hasn't found the right team in the NBA yet, this could be it.

But I just think it is way to hard to pass up on a talent like Beasley when you already have soild players everywhere else on the floor. But like Catalyst said, Pax really just needs to pick a plan and work on it. Lay out the deals you have been given, pick and choose.
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