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Default Re: What gaming consoles do you own?


I have the following consoles:

Magnavox Odyssey 2
Mattel Intellivision
Atari 7800
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - front spring load
*Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) - top loader
Sega Master System (SMS) - with maze game built in
*Sega Genesis w/Power Base Converter - model 1601 Altered Beast System/no lockout
*Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) - original model
Sega CD - model MK 4102 top load
*NEC Turbo Duo
NEC Super Grafx
*SNK Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System (AES)
*JVC X'Eye
Atari Jaguar
Funtech Super A'can
Sony Playstation - model SCHP 1001
*Sega Saturn (US) - model 80000A
*Sega Saturn (Japan) - grey model HST 3210
*Nintendo 64
Bandai Pippin@world
*Sega Dreamcast
Sony Playstation 2 (fat US) - model 30001 **DRE
*Sony Playstation 2 (fat Japan) - model 50000
*Sony Playstation 2 (slim US) - model 70001
*Microsoft Xbox
*Nintendo Gamecube/with Game Boy Player (black)
*Microsoft Xbox 360 (US)
*Microsoft Xbox 360 (Japan)
*Sony Playstation 3 (60gb)
*Nintendo Wii

*currently hooked up and in use today


Nintendo Game Boy (original - packed in box, bad screen)
Nintendo Game Boy Advanced SP (NES classic)
Nintendo Game Boy Advanced SP (red) <---- this is the wife's
Nintendo Game Boy Advanced SP (pink) <---- this is my 5 yr old daughter's
Nintendo DS (blue)
Nintendo DS Lite (pink) <---- thats the wife's!
Turbo Express w/TV tuner
Sega Game Gear (original gray) <----thats the wife's
Sony PSP (original black)
Sony PSP (Japanese Pink) <----this belong to the wife

Alternative hardware:

Worlds of Wonder Action Max
View-Master Interactive Vision (with Disney video)
Sega Pico

and pics of my dungeon

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