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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

I read into this more as they found a taker for Jarrett Jack and that Nate liked to stay small off the bench so they are trying to upgrade that bench combo guard position.

I like it if he will be taking over Jacks position because instead of seeing...


We could see a more dynamic bench of...

Frye/Przybilla (Depending on the game time situation)

And we all know that Nate believes that Outlaw had success last season because he was playing mostly against power forwards than against small forwards so this would also allow Outlaw to stay in his new position.


Wow, just read the report and I still like this! trade two second rounders that would've probably been Euros since we have no bench room and we already have like 6 Euros who are going to be coming over in the near future. You get Ben Gordon's big expiring contract to go along with Raef LaFrentz contract at the end of next season! He can score and looks like he would start at point guard. Really, there are more pros than cons to this for me

Ben Gordon
Brandon Roy
Travis Outlaw
LaMarcus Aldridge
Greg Oden

Steve Blake
Rudy Fernandez
Martell Webster
Channing Frye
Joel Przybilla

They can always have Roy guard the opponants best guard while Gordon plays the other ala Roy on Iverson, Gordon on Anthony Carter.

I'm not sure how big his contract is either but I remember it being remotely big? Maybe freeing up nearly 20 million between him and LaFrentz.

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