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Originally Posted by lollol604
LaMarcus Aldridge - Scary young frontcourt LA CB4 and CV3 - not big enough to bang with bigger centres yet
Adam Morrison - great shooting, will be fan fav, heart - can he play D? can he put up points against nba vets ?
Rudy Gay - star potential, atlethic, pure SF - attitude, is it all about money? how long will it take him to develope
Andrea Bargnani - turns into dirk in a few years, excellent shooter - or considered a first year millilic ?
Marcus Williams - solid point guard for years to come - can he step up and run a young nba team in his first year ?

I don't get how Raps fan always say that Aldridge isn't a true Centre? What era of hoops are we talking about? Name the true Centres in the NBA that aren't stiffs? Shaq and Yao? The rest who could be considered a true C are purely defensive and usually suck. Athletes like Dwight and Amare are becoming the new era C's, which is why I have NO problem with Aldridge playing C for us, or Bosh for that matter. I hate when teams play the token C for 8 mins a game, like the raps did with Hoffa.
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