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Default Northwest OT

I thought this would be something cool to keep this forum active during the offseason because things get slow.

So I'll start the first one with a question I thought of yesterday regarding the MLB Hall of Fame and the Seattle Mariners

Ok, so Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey, Jr, Alex Rodriguez and Ichiro Suzuki all started their major league careers in Seattle.

But I'm wondering how many will actually go in as Mariners?! Obviously Ichiro will because when his current contract is over he'll be VERY old and will probably be near retirement. Ken Griffey, Jr did the majority of his stat piling in Seattle but hit his 500th home run and in all likelyhood his 600th home run in Cinncinatti. Alex Rodriguez, ok lets be real. He doesn't even want people to know he played in Seattle and the majority of people don't even remember him playing in Seattle. Randy Johnson earned a Cy Young award in Seattle but he also won one in Arizona along with a World Series ring. I think if it was up to the players then Johnson, Griffey and Ichiro would all choose to go into the Hall as Mariners but unfortunetly it's up to the commitee and I think Griffey will go in as a Red, Johnson as a Diamondback, Rodriguez as a Yankee and Ichiro as a Mariner.

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