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Default Sam Cassell To Nuggets?

Boston guard Sam Cassell told the Rocky Mountain News before Game 1 of the Finals he "definitely will talk'' to the Nuggets when he becomes a free agent on July 1.

Cassell, 38, reiterated what he said in October. He wants to play one more season before getting into coaching, and he believes Nuggets coach George Karl can help.

"George is a hell of a coach, and he's also a good friend,'' said Cassell, who played for Karl in Milwaukee.

After Cassell's contract was bought out by the Clippers in February, he considered signing with the Nuggets but chose Boston because of its better record.

"I had some heart-to-heart talks with George, and he understood,'' Cassell said. "Look where I am now.''

Great, just what Denver needed, another guy who would rather shoot the ball than pass and knowing George Karl, he'll probably do everything to persuade owner, Kroenke, into getting Cassell on Nuggets next year.
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