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Default True Centre??

So many people are posting that we need a 'true centre'. So much that some fans want Magloire and his approaching unreasonable contract demands, or even JO and his $80 M contract and annual injuries. I ask, why do we want a 'true centre' at all? Who are the true C's in the league? Shaq and Yao? The rest 'true centres' are mostly stiffs....Foster, Diop, Dampier, Brezac, Collins etc. All are considered 'true C's' but mostly take up space and can play a little D. My question is, in this era of hoops, why not abandon the true C and play your ebst 5 players, a la Phoenix? Amare isn't a true C, neither is Dwight etc but this is where the league is going. I never understood why Bosh didn't play C instead of stiffs like Hoffa and Woods. Are Hoffa and Woods because of their labeled position helping the team? Not at all! Screw the stiff Centre, Pryz falls into that Category also, and draft new era bigs, like Bosh, Aldridge, Cvill, Dwight, Amare etc.
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