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Default Control the Spending

To all--you can't just go beyond the luxury tax threshold at your own leisure. (Same with the salary cap.)The salary cap is $53.1Mil and the threshold for the Luixury tax is $65.4Mil. The NBA salary cap and luxury tax are "soft caps" which means there are allowable exceptions whereby the above two figures may be exceeded. The Kings are already at or slightly below the luxury tax threshold. I don't know whether there is an exception available whereby the Kings could gain approval to spent more on salaries at this time..

I might be best if Petrie handles the bank account carefully.
Bibby will be looking for a new contract after this season and that would be an instance where there is an allowable exception. Then the year after that, '08 - '09 Ron Artest will bew looking for a new contract.

In addition, some money should be reserved for the next draft and free agency comning up in less than a year.
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