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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

Originally Posted by Myth
I think Gordon would play well here, but it would be at the expense of minutes for Blake and Rudy, and I'm not willing to take on Gordon for even one year to do that. How much do you think we could limit Roy's minutes? Maybe down to 33 minutes per game IF we are dominating teams.

Blake is a pure point guard with maybe better defense than Gordon but Gordon is a better all around scorer and a bigger body but I believe the same height as Blake which means he wouldn't be getting pushed around by Chris Paul, D. Will and other big guards. It also means that the zone defense would be stronger because there will be less match up problems in the zone on the perimeter. Rudy losing minutes, I'm not really worried about that. He's done nothing to prove that he can play in the NBA. IMO, he has to EARN minutes before we start talking about taking minutes away. Just because his game is similar to Manu's does not mean he is Manu. He's much leaner and doesn't play as well as Manu on the defensive end. Also, just because he's coming to Portland because he wants a lot of minutes does not mean that Nate is going to give them to him. Look what he's done with Sergio and there are reports, not varified through Nate, but they do report that Nate is not into Rudy's style of play. Roy I think could be playing 30-33 minutes a game until Nate and others feel he won't break down. In a lot of threads I see people saying don't bring someone in unless it's an obvious upgrade. The only things Blake has on Gordon is passing, IQ and defense. All are very valuable but would you rather have two leaders in the starting line up with Sergio running things off the bench or have Roy lead the starters and Blake run the bench? IMO, I'd like Blake more on the bench. You have a lot of youth and no leader on the bench since I believe Jarrett Jack will be traded and Jack is more of a locker room leader anyways. And lets remember that just because Ben Gordon would be labeled as the starting point guard DOES NOT mean he will be the one with the ball in his hands. Roy will be the one running the offense.

More scoring from starters
More money in '09
Better bench
Better zone defense
Takes pressure off Roy from being the only backcourt scorer
More size
True outside scorer

Less minutes to Rudy (possibly)
Worse man defense from the 1
MAYBE more turnovers, MAYBE
Out for himself

The pros outweigh the cons...pull the trigger!

And this is fun debating about this, thats why I continue LOL
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