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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

I think we are seeing similar pros and cons, but we are valuing things differently. I think Blake's passing and defense is more important than Gordon's scoring, and bringing in Gordon reduces Blake's minutes too. Even without the trade, I see no problem with Roy or Blake having the ball in their hands. I also don't see Roy cutting out 5-8 minutes per game if we plan on making the playoffs. I think 35 minutes per game sounds about right. Also, you say Rudy has to earn his minutes, which generally I agree, but I think he is going to be good enough to earn 20-30 minutes, probably right in the middle. If Rudy is as good as I think he'll be (which I'm not expecting Manu), then we are going to have serious issues dividing minutes. This team has great chemistry. I don't want to mess that up.
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