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Originally Posted by qwerty
I wouldn't doubt it. I do think a lot more professional sports players use steriods than most people think. Especially in football.

If you say so. Guess genetics, state of the art training facility, personal and professional trainers plus the time wand desire is lacking right? Come on bruh, one thing to not be naive that performance enhacing use is high but roids? Get a clue. Bush has been in high football programs his entire life. Guy has been prepared for each and every level.

Tomilson is actually bigger than Bush. Roids too? You should hold that mentality of every athlete who is ripped, has muscle mass on thier frame. If you wanted to look like Bush you could. Takes time & dedication. Gonna have to change your diet, daily routine and it will cost $$$ so expect to spend.

Got that pal?
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