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Originally Posted by DetroitPistonFan
Just like the Lakers and Celtics rival the Piston Vs. Bulls and Lakers will always and forever be our rivals. With Ben with the Bulls the rivalry with them will be revived. Lakers will always be our rivals. Lakers can't beat the Pistons in the Finals. The Pistons beat the Lakers twice in the Finals in 1989 and 2004. Lakers suck!

lamest post ever !!! magic and byron scott were injured the whole series and thats why we lost.

2004 was the biggest fluke in NBA history and only happened because of the shaq-kobe feud., not that it matters though, shaq and kobe won 3 in a row (dynasty) and the lakers have gone back.2.back 3 times already with mikan, magic and shaq, have your pistons ever won 3 in a row ? :stupid: have your pistons won 14 championships and do they have 28 finals apearences ? i thought so.

any of the shaq/kobe lakers that won 'chips in 2000, 2001 and 2002 would have destroyed your overrated pistons 4-0, and a healthy showtimers would of killed your limited and over agressive "bad boys" as well.

the pistons only have 3 rings and 2 of them are a fluke (1989 and 2004) that kinda says a lot about their franchise.

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