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Hi, new to the board. Been a die hard 76er fan for...a 100 years :-) Or maybe it just seems that long. I don't profess to know what BK will do. I do know that as a fan, I would like him to seek enlightment elsewhere :-) Okay, I'm sorry, down to business.

First, we probably all have read todays story that says the 76ers WILL definitely trade Dalembert. It stated that several teams still like Samuel's game. I think we have to be very careful here. Me personally, well I feel that Dalembert is still not being used correctly. Cheeks used him a lot away from the paint, and covering outside alot.
Keep him in the paint, have him disrupt shots and rebound, and put back the missed shot occassionally
and you have a 10-12 Pt scorer, 11-12 a night rebounder with 3-4 Blocks a game. Dalembert will never be a dominate offensive force cause he just doesn't have either the mindset or B-Ball IQ to do so. But I have seen him dominate Ben Wallace in the playoffs last year. And as a defensive Center and rebounder, we can do alot worse. Trade him ?, okay, but don't give him away.

As for Ivy, sorry but I would look at dealing him. Again don't give him away cause he is still too valuable, and a crowd draw as well. However, and I'm just speculating here, but if you could say deal Ivy to say Charlotte, for a package of G.Wallace..( A starting SF who can play Defense. Allowing Korver to come off the bench )...and Raymond Felton ( A Good starting PG for our future)
and the 3rd overall pick in this draft, AND a 1st round pick in 2008 or 2009..Sixers choice, well I would do that deal. Charlotte gets a Marquee talent and draw, to go along with Okafor, Sean May, and they would still have Cap room to sign a free agent Guard to pair with Ivy, like say a Bonzi Wells, or someone else. And then still have the MLE to work with. However this is just speculation on my part.

I do feel though given BK's comments a week ago about how not having alot of size is not needed to win, tells me that Dalembert is on his way out. Look for him to try and deal SD for a defensive SF from one of the teams in the top-6 who need a Center, and agree to switch draft slots. Have no idea who that team might be. It could be Minnesots, or Atlanta, but we will have to wait a couple of weeks to see. I don't think BK will rush into it.

Great to be here, peace.
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