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Default Method Man Wants Independence

Veteran Wu Tang member Method Man has been at the forefront of the hip hop industry for ten years plus. In a statement far from the cry that ‘hip hop is dead’, Meth declared his desire for an independent future with his unfaltering support of the emerging indie route.

"The indie route is the best route right now, all you need is distribution. You don't necessarily need the record companies anymore. That's why I root for the underdog. I'd love to see more independents doing s***.”

He is certainly on the side of the underdogs: “[It’s] just the right mother******* just ain't being heard, and like I said, the media is playing a big part in that, cause they poppin’ all that s*** like we ain't significant anymore, but a lot of it has to do with the music," he explained.

"There's this new production going on now and it's like either you get with it or get lost. It's like NY always had its own sound and s***, you know n***** is stubborn, 'we ain't trying to do that, let them do that, that's they thing, we ain't trying to do what they do, that's they thing, let them do that, we gonna do us.' It all comes back around though, they gonna want the grimy s*** again."

Method Mans latest album 4:21 The Day After is out now.

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