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Default Re: You are picking between PS3, 360 or Wii

Originally Posted by Sonic R
If you prefer style over substance than thats cool I guess…
I would rather play Sega Saturn than 95% of what is out on both PlayStation 3 AND Xbox 360 because those games are more FUN. I like to PLAY games rather than just stare at them and drool over how perty they look…

fun is specific to the individual. Other than the controller, there wasnt very much I liked about the Saturn.

I can list the titles I would play again on one hand.

Panzer Dragoon Saga (one of the better examples for a gameplay > graphics argument)
Xmen vs Street Fighter
House of the dead
Dragon Force

Sega was really limited with the saturn since most of the dev. aligned with sony.

If you like "shooting" games as in FPS, then you'd be better served on playing on PC where they were ment to be played with keyboard/mouse and high performance hardware.

Not necessarily.
A. Depending on age, tying up a family computer for gaming is not a realistic option.
B. With crossfire and SLI support, gpu upgrades aren't within everyone's budget.
C. The accessibility of playstation and 360 for casual gamers to play with real life friends remains a strong attraction.
D. FPS on console aren't nearly as inadequate as you're trying to portray them. In fact, there's been a few recent large tournaments for CoD4 and GoW.

The pc has the pc console which the playstation/xbox does not. A cpu user would usually upgrade the gpu at least once during the life of a playstation/xbox console.

I prefer to play REAL shooters like DoDonPachi or Battle Garegga. Games where hi score mean something and can be played for a life time… these games don't offer flash graphics but offer a type of gameplay that cannot be match by average everyday cookie cutter dreck that fills todays retail shops and the libraries of mindless video gaming lemmings…
Uhh... the Truxton style vertical scrollers can't be classified as cookie cutter, formula, games?
I bet your one to say that Nintendo NES is the suxor because the graphics are lame but yet the game play is leagues above the junk that is passed off as "games" today…
We remember fondly the experiences of our youth. While I wouldn't say NES is teh suxor, I wouldn't say the gameplay is leagues above what is out today -- across the board. A good example would be Karate champ which couldn't hold a candle to the Street Fighters, Soul Caliburs, and DOA's in terms of gameplay.

Just stick with Madden and Tony Hawk… and next year buy the same game with new rosters and skate parks…

this is true.
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