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Default Re: You are picking between PS3, 360 or Wii

Originally Posted by frayed knot
fun is specific to the individual. Other than the controller, there wasnt very much I liked about the Saturn.

I can list the titles I would play again on one hand.

Panzer Dragoon Saga (one of the better examples for a gameplay > graphics argument)
Xmen vs Street Fighter
House of the dead
Dragon Force

Sega was really limited with the saturn since most of the dev. aligned with sony.

Depending on tastes and if you are limiting your self to the USA releases… there are far more great titles for Saturn from:

Radiant Silvergun
Panzer Dragoon II
Shin Shinobi
Liquid Kids
Elevator Action Returns
Prikura Daisakusen
Albert Odyssey
Virtua Cop 2
Virtua Fighter 2
Virtua On
et cetera…

Originally Posted by frayed knot
Not necessarily.
A. Depending on age, tying up a family computer for gaming is not a realistic option.
B. With crossfire and SLI support, gpu upgrades aren't within everyone's budget.
C. The accessibility of playstation and 360 for casual gamers to play with real life friends remains a strong attraction.
D. FPS on console aren't nearly as inadequate as you're trying to portray them. In fact, there's been a few recent large tournaments for CoD4 and GoW.

The pc has the pc console which the playstation/xbox does not. A cpu user would usually upgrade the gpu at least once during the life of a playstation/xbox console.

I really don't get into PC gaming, other than that most people prefer to play games such as FPS, RTS, as well as MMO's on PC rather than on consoles. Most people will be quick to say how FPS loose "something" when being ported to consoles… I'm a console guy anyhow…

Originally Posted by frayed knot
Uhh... the Truxton style vertical scrollers can't be classified as cookie cutter, formula, games?

Compair Truxton to DonPachi.
Sure they have the same basic formula, move a ship around and shoot stuff but they are leagues different. Also note that Toaplan pretty much became Cave… :)
Many games share a basic formula — look at FPS how they have evolved from Doom, and how 3D fighting games have evolved from Virtua Fighter to VF5 or Soul Calibur… or how 2D fighting games evolved from Yir Ar Kung Fu to Third Strike…

Originally Posted by frayed knot
We remember fondly the experiences of our youth. While I wouldn't say NES is teh suxor, I wouldn't say the gameplay is leagues above what is out today -- across the board. A good example would be Karate champ which couldn't hold a candle to the Street Fighters, Soul Caliburs, and DOA's in terms of gameplay.

As I was saying how games evolve, one cannot deny and or forget pinnicle titles such as Street Fighter II, Super Mario Bros., Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Out Run, or Space Invaders… though better games have evolved, these examples here have stood the test of time and continue to be played just as well as they had 10-20 years ago… I've been playing games for 20 years plus, and I enjoy Nintendo just as much as I enjoy PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360…

Originally Posted by frayed knot
this is true.

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