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Default Re: Blazers after Ben Gordon?

Originally Posted by Myth
I don't think Freeland or McRoberts will be better than Frye. Freeland has more of a chance, but I don't see McRoberts having a great career. Frye is between starter and bench quality. I don't think McRoberts will ever be good enough to start. Freeland I consider more of a wildcard.

Kopenen still sounds like a wildcard too. He is apparently doing well in his league, but his league isn't suppose to be nearly as difficult as the one Rudy played for.

As for Outlaw vs Webster, I don't want to trade either this year unless we have just a fantastic offer on the table. So without this grade deal, I say wait at least one more year to evaluate which will be better.

I think McRoberts can be a better ALL AROUND player than Frye but I think Frye will always be the better shooter. McRoberts just looks like he has more the true power foward game down. His defense, rebounding, etc are all very good. Working with Mr. Lucas can improve him in a short time. He'll never be a starter but he will be good. I don't see Frye as a quality starter. He did nothing in New York and in his games in Portland he only benefited off open mid range jumpers and garbage buckets. He doesn't have the defense, strength or aggression to start at power forward. At least in the West. Honestly, I'd love to do away with Webster. I just don't see him ever being the Glenn Rice player that people are talking about unless we're talking about the broken down L.A. Laker version on Glenn Rice here. People say that after a players third or forth year that you'll know what they'll be in the NBA so I guess this is the year we will find out if Webster will ever be a consistant outside shooter.
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