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Default Re: You are picking between PS3, 360 or Wii

Originally Posted by Sonic R
If you prefer style over substance than thats cool I guess…
I would rather play Sega Saturn than 95% of what is out on both PlayStation 3 AND Xbox 360 because those games are more FUN. I like to PLAY games rather than just stare at them and drool over how perty they look…

I hear this alot actually, and sorry, but it sounds like your arguing just for the sake of arguing. Name me some games where it's just graphics and you don't play anything, please tell me.

If you like "shooting" games as in FPS, then you'd be better served on playing on PC where they were ment to be played with keyboard/mouse and high performance hardware.

How would I be better served playing on a computer? Why would I pay thousands of dollars for some high tech computer that will be outdated in a month when I could pay a couple hundred for the new system and games that work flawlessly?

I prefer to play REAL shooters like DoDonPachi or Battle Garegga. Games where hi score mean something and can be played for a life time… these games don't offer flash graphics but offer a type of gameplay that cannot be match by average everyday cookie cutter dreck that fills todays retail shops and the libraries of mindless video gaming lemmings

Again, it's something like your arguing just for the sake of arguing. How can you say that is a real shooter and what we have now isn't. Just because your game came out like 10 years ago doesn't make it any more real then any shooter out now. And almost every game now a days can be played for a life time, not only do you have high scores, longer game plays, missions etc, but you have online multiplayer and other capabilities like updates to ensure that the game is always fun and that you don't get bored.

The bolded is what I call a filler line, you put that **** in while basically saying nothing. How do these games today not match those? Tell me please how todays games don't match those. You think they arn't fun? Why is everyone buying them so much? Why are there so many being created, why is it so succesful?

I bet your one to say that Nintendo NES is the suxor because the graphics are lame but yet the game play is leagues above the junk that is passed off as "games" today…

Ok, please tell me how the games we have now are not real games.

Your literally the "hippy" of video games. Your just hating on the new technology because it's taking away all of your friends who play your "DoDonPachi" and making them play games of higher levels. All of those games are of the most simplistic forms.
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