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Default Re: You are picking between PS3, 360 or Wii

Originally Posted by frayed knot
[IMG]Turok PS3[/IMG]

You should have researched video game genres before typing this.

Quite the opposite. A majority of single player games today can be finished in 12h or less. There is greater emphasis on multiplayer and most developers simply ignore the market for offline play. Many games are obsolete within a year's time, and the multiplayer dies along with it.

Why is everyone buying them so much? Greater marketing and exposure.
Why are there so many being created? cash grab.
Why is it so successful? I don't know how you measure success? MS pimping out Bungie for the Halo franchise?

Have you even played these games which you mock?

My feelings exactly…

Originally Posted by v-unit
Your literally the "hippy" of video games. Your just hating on the new technology because it's taking away all of your friends who play your "DoDonPachi" and making them play games of higher levels. All of those games are of the most simplistic forms.

I don't hate on new anything… I got all 3 current gen consoles on launch. What a weekend when PS3 AND Wii came out… I just have an open mind and appreciate games of a different time when it was all more simple. Games made up for lack of "flash" with riveting game play…
I play games from GTA IV, Halo, SSMB, Rock Band, ESPGaluda, Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, to games like Balloon Fight, Shinobi, Tetris, and Star Soldier…

Why don't you check out my set up…

Video games is a passion that I have… as well as NBA basketball…
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