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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Fatboy why you sayin that a player who will be a good roleplayer for years to come is only a late second rounder? Less than half of second rounders even last past their rookie contracts and you're saying there are 40-50 players in this draft who will be better than a certain solid roleplayer? Many first rounders don't even achieve that. If you got a chance to get a definite solid roleplayer and it's the second round how can you turn that down?
Because I feel like those players I mentioned will be better.

Of course, I will be wrong about a number of them but, as of right now, I feel they are better. No one from this draft has played a second in the NBA right now so none of us really have a better point than the other. It's all subjective right now.

I feel Denham is a late second rounder. We'll what NBA GMs thinks on the 28th. I could be wrong. I could be right though.
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