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Originally Posted by hutcht02
you know who i think would be a better point guard for your Fantasy Team USA...Sam Cassell. He plays just like an international guard except he shoots better. International guards dont play defense either and Cassell has the leadership skills that both Paul and Arenas lack to run a team of superstars. Kidd doesnt lack these leadership qualities but he doesnt get the best of his teammates near as good as Sam I Am does. He'd be the perfect fit for Team USA!
You are totally and completely correct. Sam would have caught up to that deficit, he shines in situations like that. He also knows how to play pick and roll. Elton was constantly setting up his teamates for the pick and roll but they don't know how to play it out. Once Sam would start to cook Coach K would take him out of the game. I like the idea of an eight man rotation so your teamates can get a little chemistry going. I hated the way Coach K rotated his squad, he never gave anybody time to warm-up.
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