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Being on NBA all first team doesn't mean your a shut down defender which is what I was saying. All's those teams you listed had great perimeter shooting as well. Argubaly the best in the league for the time and place .
Being on all NBA defensive team assures that you are the best at guarding that position. So kobe was the best defending SG in the league..and he guarded the perimeter so how is he not considered a shutdown perimeter defender

What happens if Bowen fails to stop LeBron? Lebron could start hitting shots and Bowen would be able to stop him no matter what. It has happened many times. When that happens other guys get open from LeBron drawing double teams and then the whole team can't be stopped.

LeBron may hit shots but there are other four players on the spurs that are capable of intitiating offense and answering back at lebron. A team is greater than one player. if spurs don’t have bowen, then theres no chance at even buggin lebron one-on-one...also having a player that is capable of taking such challenge will relieve alot of your teamates on defense and make them more effective in other areas.

What? That has nothing to do to what i was implying. I was talking about how when most superstars start to develope an outside shot then that leads to them getting doubled, which leads to more assits and them becoming a passer, which leads to them becoming a star which all leads up to why supertstars in guards/small forwards are usually good outside shooters .

Theres many players that have an outside shot that don’t develop those attributes to pass up and set up other teammates. Peja,redd,korver,etc.

Your overatting Bowen's defense. Ray scored 35 points on him this season. Bowens defense isn't stellar 24/7. Its not constant 24/7. he has his good games and his bad. There actually is more defensive minded perimeter players then you might think in the league today. Each team has them.

Artest,S.Anderson, J.Posey, J.Jeffreies, D Armstrong,L. Hunter,R. Patterson,K. Bryant, A.Miller, J. Kidd, B. Bowen, R Bell, M. Petterson, J .Rose, S. Cassell, G. Payton, E. Jones,E Snow, K. Ollie, C. Billups, R. Hamilton, C. Atkins, S. Augmon, D. Anderson, M Barnes, K. Bogans, G Buckner,C Chenay, D. Fisher, K. Hinrich, L. Deng, E. Griffin, L .Hughes, A Johnson, I. Newble,B. Sura, D Wesley.I just named 40 players in the NBA that are great perimeter defenders i na bout two mintutes and there are lots more if you think about it. There not as scarce as you think when it comes down to it. There all over the place.Are they all shut down? No sir, But you have to ask yourself are all offensive players as good as Ray Allen? No way. Thats why we need more shooters like Allen. Shooters aren't over the top in numbers then there are solid defenders. That is a fact.

Ok, I was just using bowen not because I didn’t wanna use the best of the best in ron ron. Anyways, allen can drop 35, but it could be bad FG%, more TOs, frustration i.e. kickin him in the back…

so all those players you stated are great perimeter defenders but kobe wasn’t considered one of them in 2000 when he was on all nba defensive team. And a lot of the players you stated are not shut down defenders, above average with the exception of a few…and do you actually have sam cassell in there, one of sam cassell’s weaknesses is his lack of defense. A lot of those players are scrubs, they come in for a few minutes to give littlie defensive help when the starters are out. The argument is about shutdown perimeter defenders…ron ron, bowen,…not too many of them huh?

Your going off of the young players too much. Its the young players today that are lazy on defensive and offensive minded that is given NBA a bad name when it comes to defense and some teams as well. Theres still a plenty of defensive minded players in the NBA, I mean plenty. Most of them arent talked about like you said because defense isn't what most fans want to talk about. There's many underrated ones to like D.Wade, G. Arenas, P. Pierce, C. Anthony, J. Stackhouse, M. Finley, L. Odom, Q.Ross, B. Wells and many many more.

Those players have not proven they’re all that on defense, maybe Quinton ross, other than that, none have proven anything. Again, the argument here is about shutdown perimeter defenders not your average ones.

another point i wanna make is how one perimeter shutdown defender can affect the team's whole mindset. example of what happend in sacto when ron ron came in..many teams have scorers bro, but defense has always been the key

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