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Default Re: Gordon Joins Deng on GB roster

England finished w5 l5, & narrowly missed out on eurobasket 2001. Back then this was the squad

Neville Anthony Austin
Stephen John Barnes
Raymond Howard Carter
Silas Paul Cheung
Tony Dorsey F 2.01
Andy Derek Gardiner F 2.02
Steven Hansell G 1.88
Christopher Haslam C 2.02
Kojo Nana Kwadwo Mensah-Bonsu
4 Iain McKinney
5 Yorick Williams G 1.92
6 Fleeta Mantia Callender
7 Ronald Baker G 1.75
9 Delme Leon Jefferson Herriman F 1.98
11 Roger Huggins FC 2.00
12 Ian Stuart Whyte C 2.15
13 Stevenson Lee Bucknall
15 Andrew Betts C 2.23

Of the squad that is present now, Yorick Williams, Andy Betts, & Steven Hansell are the only players still in it. Betts is probably the only one who will be in the final 12/14 players. This squad was good but was poor financialy. We beat Slovenia, Czech republic (home & away), & give Croatia a right fright along the way during the early part of the decade. GB are no mugs, they can play ball! We wait to see what will happen over the next few months, but im sure they will give more than a good account of themselves

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