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Being on all NBA defensive team assures that you are the best at guarding that position. So kobe was the best defending SG in the league..and he guarded the perimeter so how is he not considered a shutdown perimeter defender

Are you watching the same Kobe i'm watching ?He's a good defender and is on first team, so what, that mak shim a shut down defender??? He doesn't shut down his defender time and time again or even every other game. He's great but not at shut down level. maybe once in a great while but that can't classify you at that.

LeBron may hit shots but there are other four players on the spurs that are capable of intitiating offense and answering back at lebron. A team is greater than one player. if spurs don’t have bowen, then theres no chance at even buggin lebron one-on-one...also having a player that is capable of taking such challenge will relieve alot of your teamates on defense and make them more effective in other areas.

Yes a team is getter then one player. offensive and defensive wise, duh. That agument you made could go either way and is irrelvent to the topic on hand. You saiyng the don't have Bowen would be bad. But what would be worse is if the lost Ginobli, a good perimeter shooter. Yes having a player will relieve other teammates but thats isn't as important as a great shooter who can set up teammates and knock down shots consistently.

Coaches can also change a players attitude and make him want to play defense if needed, he can't really do that if he wants a good shooter to that extent. Although tiring ,its easier for a player to play good defense then shoot at a high percentage from the 17 feet consistently and you have to agree on that. Defense take heart. Offense takes heart and skill.

Theres many players that have an outside shot that don’t develop those attributes to pass up and set up other teammates. Peja,redd,korver,etc.

So? I was just talking about some of the shooters develope those attributes not all, why does that matter? Some do ,some don't. Do the great defenders usually have these? No sir.

Ok, I was just using bowen not because I didn’t wanna use the best of the best in ron ron. Anyways, allen can drop 35, but it could be bad FG%, more TOs, frustration i.e. kickin him in the back…

but it wasnt' that game. It went his way that night . He could also finish any zero turnovers to ten any given night and i'd still go with him. Bowen could tunr it over jsut as much not even bein productive at all.

so all those players you stated are great perimeter defenders but kobe wasn’t considered one of them in 2000 when he was on all nba defensive team.

Repeating yourself, I said Kobe wasn't a shut down defender, yes he's way above average but i wouldn't put him in the top 5 even though he made the 1st defensive team. he is lazy at times and focuses more on offense .Like you said only stars make those kind of teams. Thats why Bowen gets snubbed. butn thisis getting off the topic so why am i arguing it.

And a lot of the players you stated are not shut down defenders, above average with the exception of a few…and do you actually have sam cassell in there, one of sam cassell’s weaknesses is his lack of defense.

What are you talking about . I didn't say they were shut down.Please tell me where I said that .Putting word in my mouth son. I said there're known for there defense and there solid because you stated they were rare and hard to find. Which is not the case if I can list 40 in a couple mintues. . Ok I was just rationalizing like i have this whole time to be nice. I compare my best example Kobe to yours Bowen and you say no fair. I compare solid defenders so they can compare to my solid guys and you cry foul. i am suppose to compare Ron Artest to mike james for you? not happening

A lot of those players are scrubs, they come in for a few minutes to give littlie defensive help when the starters are out. The argument is about shutdown perimeter defenders…ron ron, bowen,…not too many of them huh?

First off never call NBA players scrubs, disrespect. and Where does it say shutdown in the topic, i'm serious, dod i read the topic correct? You wanna compare your top dogs to my average then compare Ron Artest to Kobe. Who you taking? Thats what I though.

Those players have not proven they’re all that on defense, maybe Quinton ross, other than that, none have proven anything. Again, the argument here is about shutdown perimeter defenders not your average ones.

Again those players I lised aren't average, they're know for there defense.How has posey or Shandon proven anything? i'm using them because i watched them every single night. .I thought you wanted me to not to compare my best guys, so I lowered the standards a it a bit so i can compare guys like kyle Korver to Shandon Anderson. Wade has proven he can defend, were you been, he can be one of the leagues best when he's not gambling, so you should be babying him for all his worth.

another point i wanna make is how one perimeter shutdown defender can affect the team's whole mindset. example of what happend in sacto when ron ron came in..many teams have scorers bro, but defense has always been the key

What if Chris Webber came back? He was a semi perimeter shooter and he got them farther then Artest, thats off topic but Artest does change the team but not like a Ray Allen would or Dirk Nowitzki would(of two years ago when he mostly just shot outside 15ft+, I'm saying Dirk of two years so you won't whine about me comparing top dogs, because if i compared Dirk now I wouldn't here the end of it) . Ray or Dirk would have them averaging 106 points per game .

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