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Are you watching the same Kobe i'm watching ?He's a good defender and is on first team, so what, that mak shim a shut down defender??? He doesn't shut down his defender time and time again or even every other game. He's great but not at shut down level. maybe once in a great while but that can't classify you at that

My point was about the lakers 2000 championship team, you said they didn’t have shutdown perimeter player in kobe well, if kobe was the one who made 1st team all defense and hes not considered a shutdown defender, then who is???

So? I was just talking about some of the shooters develope those attributes not all, why does that matter? Some do ,some don't. Do the great defenders usually have these? No sir.

you were talking about how shooters will develop that and they will become superstars, however, there are still a lot of shooters that haven’t done so. Either way, this is kind of off topic..

But it wasnt' that game. It went his way that night . He could also finish any zero turnovers to ten any given night and i'd still go with him. Bowen could tunr it over jsut as much not even bein productive at all.

You’re right, it goes both ways but regardless, allen or any other perimeter scorer will most likely not be as comfortable coming into face someone like artest or bowen and can ultimately affect the team as a whole.

What are you talking about . I didn't say they were shut down.Please tell me where I said that .Putting word in my mouth son. I said there're known for there defense and there solid because you stated they were rare and hard to find. Which is not the case if I can list 40 in a couple mintues. . Ok I was just rationalizing like i have this whole time to be nice. I compare my best example Kobe to yours Bowen and you say no fair. I compare solid defenders so they can compare to my solid guys and you cry foul. i am suppose to compare Ron Artest to mike james for you? not happening

You wanna compare your top dogs to my average then compare Ron Artest to Kobe. Who you taking? Thats what I though.

You wanted to make a mock draft and see where defensive players go, this has nothing to do with this topic man. Defensive players are more of importance in terms to winning a basketball game

My bad if it sounded like I was implying you said “shutdown” but you are bringing in players that are not shutdown defenders when that is what this topic is talking about....keith bogans??? Barnes?? Newble??? cassell??? come one. I mean I agree on kidd, payton, kobe, raja,jeffies, test but alot of the ones in there are typical players that get served up by your average swingman. I want you to compare your top dogs…but its irrelevant to go raja vs. Kobe. Pick your player. Kobe does everything better than raja and defensively is not that far off. What Im sayin we can use examples of our top dogs but putting players head to head does not reflect this topic. What is more important? Perimeter shutdown player or big time scorers? Not who will win???

Again those players I lised aren't average, they're know for there defense.How has posey or Shandon proven anything? i'm using them because i watched them every single night. .I thought you wanted me to not to compare my best guys, so I lowered the standards a it a bit so i can compare guys like kyle Korver to Shandon Anderson. Wade has proven he can defend, were you been, he can be one of the leagues best when he's not gambling, so you should be babying him for all his worth.

Please read the topic: Big time scorers or Shutdown perimeter defenders. and sorry, wade gambles for steals and can disrupt passing lanes, other than that, he gets blown by...

either way, discussing what the topic is about may be irrelvant...

What if Chris Webber came back? He was a semi perimeter shooter and he got them farther then Artest, thats off topic but Artest does change the team but not like a Ray Allen would or Dirk Nowitzki would(of two years ago when he mostly just shot outside 15ft+, I'm saying Dirk of two years so you won't whine about me comparing top dogs, because if i compared Dirk now I wouldn't here the end of it) . Ray or Dirk would have them averaging 106 points per game.

where has sonics went with allen and no defense. where has dirk went when nelly was in town and they pretty much had no defense. sacto went from a lottery team to a scary playoff team in a matter of months...

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