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You know that neg repetation given wasn't me right, since you have a higher rep then me. This is all in fun.

you were talking about how shooters will develop that and they will become superstars, however, there are still a lot of shooters that haven’t done so. Either way, this is kind of off topic..

Yes sir, just like most of the stuff we have disscussed, its easy to get off topic with this subject.

[b]You wanted to make a mock draft and see where defensive players go, this has nothing to do with this topic man. Defensive players are more of importance in terms to winning a basketball game

which is more important to a team off the bat? Great offensive shooter, making them more important then defensive off the bat, because we can't go off of which is better to a certain team, but more a a whole nba because the topic dosen't pin one team down.

My bad if it sounded like I was implying you said “shutdown” but you are bringing in players that are not shutdown defenders when that is what this topic is talking about....keith bogans??? Barnes?? Newble??? cassell??? come one.

Just to show they're are solid defenders in the league, maybe the some people don't relize how many there are even though there not shut down

Please read the topic: Big time scorers or Shutdown perimeter defenders. and sorry, wade gambles for steals and can disrupt passing lanes, other than that, he gets blown by...

Yes but he has shown games where he can lock down on a defender better then most. Even though he didn't doing it International games he did do a good job in the Finals and some regular season games inpredicular(vs Lakers).
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