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Originally Posted by bk15
Good second round talent for raps at the PG, SG, and SF Position

SG-Denham Brown (three point shooter)
SG/SF-Bobby Jones (just like bruce bowen)
SG/SF-James White (just watch the video)
SG/PG-Allen Ray (quick, three point shooter)
PG/SG-Daniel Gison (Point Guard with amazing scoring ability)
SG/SF-Pj Tucker
PG-Dee Brown (Most likely the fastest point guard in the draft)

I wouldnt mind taking Denham Brown with the 35th pick.. he was the 2nd best player in the orlando pre-draft camp.. I dont think he wud be avaiable with the 35th pick.. I like bobby jones and allen Ray even tho they cudnt show much in da camp due to injuries.. I am not sold on James white.. all he can do is dunk...
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