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Thank you sir. I currently own a Panasonic, and it's a great TV, which is why it's on my list as the reliable choice. The Phillips is really a long shot. They tend to rush to market with advanced ideas, only to have several companies improve on it within a year's time. They were the first to the market with DVD writers too. LG promises 60,000 hours on their plasma. They even have it in writing on there web site. If you watch this TV 8 Hours a day 7 days a week, it will last you over twenty years. All the independent research I've seen really make it seem as if the life, and burning issues of plasma have been pretty much resolved. And most of the literature make it seem like it's pretty much a matter of taste at this point. The plasmas are capable of blacker blacks, and more depth, while the LCD is slightly crisper. The gap in costs have closed, and the gap in lifespan has closed.
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