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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
lol Don't jynx it man. Let's just hope the ownage continues

lol i feel sorry for them man cuz they call themselves the elite team in the west when they even cant beat us and were talkin about championship lol hahaha gats to be crazy maybe we should give them atleast one this yr ...... i cant stand lookin at there pitaful faces when we blow them out n arco and in the staples each yr ...and i'm tired of their fans throwing things at our great star players because they are saww losers....MAYBE ATLEAST ONE THIS YEAR GUYS PLEASE lmao they deserve it because mobley was a former king.... so clipps thank mobley for that "W" which we might hand to u guys........ i remember last year early in the forth Mike dunve. ask Adelman to put in his 12th man team so it could be a fair game.........hahahahaha
line up in the forth(4th quatr)
pg Jason hart (hahaha)
sg ronnie price
sf big nasty williamson
pf JAMAL SAMPSON (hahahahaha) that one was halrious lol
c potapenko

lmao clipps suck lol ...n that line was against the "ELITE TEAM" in the west
pg sam i am
sg mobley
sf corey
pf elton brand
c kaman
and we still manage to give our real starters about 10 mins rest and we still won the game by double digits hahaha .....say Elite team that ones for the books
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