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Originally Posted by TheBynumProject
1)Leinart- this kid got screwed when he fell to ten. hes a great player, smart player, right attitude, and clearly has enough arm strength to succeed in the NFL. dunno what happened on draft day. jets threw up a brick when they passed on him at 4. will play in multiple pro bowls

2)Cutler- leinart beats him by the slimmest of margins. this kid is going to be good. excellent prospest. brings that gunslinger mentality, but is not reckless. multiple pro bowls are in his future.

3)Young. went first, but is the worst prospect of the three. big question mark as an NFL quarterback. not all that impressed.
DBrick is gonna be a beast, as good as Leinhart is, I think the Jets the right choice. I think Young is the most talented, but I think Cutler will do the best since he's in the best situation...
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