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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by GOBB
Who cares? Its the 40 time in the NFL. Game speed, how fast you are with pads on arent measured in the 40. No one runs vertically untouched in the NFL. Yet people make a big deal over it. You care about height without shoes. I dont because it has no effect when plays the game on the court WITH shoes.

The problem is with the in shoes measurement players show up to the pre-draft camp with shoes bigger than they actually play in like Spencer Hawes shoes that add 2 1/4 inches or Kevin Love's that add 1 3/4 inches.

You can count height with shoes, that's fine...many people do that. I consider a players height the height they measure without shoes.

There is a reason the pre-draft camp didn't add the in shoes measurement until the late 90's.

And answer this. If height without shoes are irrelevant then why is Shaq listed 7'1", Brand listed 6'8" and Durant listed 6'9"?

He's 6'8 1/4. Not 6'7.

Yes he's 6-8 1/4" but in shoes. To say he's not 6'7" isn't correct though because he was measured at that height and it's a documented fact.

Helmets add height? Wow you are Mr. Irrelevant. Stop trying so hard bruh.

They do, if you're only talking about height that contributes to the sport then they should just measure standing reach in basketball.

He's 6'8

Yes, in shoes...his actual height is 6'7" though.
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