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Default Re: The Bulls will regret their decision if they draft Rose over Beasley

Originally Posted by luigi>mario
This all seems to be about height, which is an issue, more important than some say, less than others say.

Fact, Beasly is smaller than we thought.
It didn't bother his game much in College.
It isn't foolish to ask if that will translate to the bigger NBA game.

So that is the question.
Defensively he isn't going to take Duncan, Garnet, or any other oversized PF by himself. Offensively he should be able to still get what he wants.

We all want the prototypical franchise big man who plays both ends (Hakeem, DRob, Duncan, Garnet, Howard, etc...). Beasley probably isn't that player because of his height. However, just because he won't be IMO, doesn't mean he isn't a smart pick. If I make that choice for Chicago, I take Beasly.

What did you think Beasley was? If anything he was listed 6'9 at best. 6'8 in other places. He measured 6'8 1/4, so he is 3/4 off from what was said he was. I mean what is Shaqs weight? You tell me the listed weight...he damn sure isnt that. Just like alot of NBA players. People make too big of a deal over inches when in the NBA? Its not about traditional positions + traditional heights. You dont have to be 6'10 to be a PF or 7'0+ to be a Center. SF dont have to be 6'6-6'7 and SG dont have to be 6'5-6'6. Its about putting the best 5 on the court and executing the gameplan. Beasley could have measured without shoes 6'9. Doesnt mean he will be an elite PF given his friggin height. Dude back to the basket game needs work. When he scored in college I dont recall many games where he got it downlow and schooled mofos.

How tall is Jamison? Has a similar inside-outside game like Beasley. He's played PF and SF. Same with Shawn Marion who is listed at 6'7. There are other measurements that can counter those worried about inches. At the end, can they play? I dont see Beasley height being much of a big deal. Again if he were listed without shoes at 6'9...he still couldnt handle those PFs you listed. And his back to the basket game still would need improvement.
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