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Default Re: Message board suggestions thread

Originally Posted by Psileas
1) No aliases.
2) No trolls/posters with no knowledge of the game who provide nothing but quarrels. IP banning for them (firstly for a few days, second time for more, third time forever).
3) Player comparisons/history forum (yeah, I know that for a certain reason the admin seems to hate this idea and continuously ignores it - while much more secondary forums, like video games and WNBA, do exist - but I haven't found out why). Like I said in another topic, it will keep away certain posters who don't care about history and just post for the hell of it.
4) Create some search tool. It's much faster and more practical to be able to search the posts and threads of someone than trying to google them.
5) Lock or delete stupid/seriously derailed/already existing threads. Or, at least, merge topics with apparently the same topic. It's annoying as hell, during an important game, to see 20 different threads like: "OMG, did you see this KG dunk??" or "Kobe has 20 at the end of 1st period. Will he score 80?". Also, merge "caption this pic" thread into one. Almost every day, the same title appears in a new thread. Simply annoying, especially for these who don't care.
Warn posters who ignore these locks/merges and continue starting useless threads.
6) Delete the "rep" thing. Completely useless (even more useless than the post count), it's more certain that it will form idiotic "rep me and I'll rep you back" alliances (often between mediocre or even weak posters) than really show which posters are worthy and which aren't. I bet certain posters have won more such "rep points" while doing nothing but asking for them than posters who really deserve them.

Greatest post in this thread, we really to need a history forum and a cleaner NBA forum. In regards to the bold, I will divulge further: The google search is not only harder to use, it's vastly incomplete, as it probably searches through 1/15 of the actual forum when you call a search. Activate the real one.
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