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Originally Posted by lakers-city
too bad that the clippers are the only thing about LA that you own

to bad the suns own u guys...... made history on u guys....embarrased u guys... made fun of u guys....... dnt even respect u guys.... and all u could do is brag about the past how about when we almost swept u guy n 05 talk about that geek u guys lucked out that one game....Oh my bad thats right lol u guys didnt even MAKE THE PLAYOFFS sorry ass team traded shaq for ODOM??????? hmmm dnt kno....n since u like to brag about the past talk about how u guys got swept in 99 from the spurs lol nah das some good past ....lakers and clippers are bunch of goans its all about the present now if u didnt get that memo already....... if u ask me who own the lakers i'll say DETRIOT....n BOSTON since u wanna go in the past.......04 u guys got embarrased again in the finals talk about that......... i hate u laker goans cant u see y boston isnt talkin about the past???? cuz they no it doesnt count ne more dufas....... but hey wat eva rocks u to sleep go ahead try make the playoffs this rush and stop crying about the past... Be like a real team and make the playoffs 8 consec yrs back to back ...which i may add we were a losing team and!!!! 8 consec year we embarrased the clippers which is a LA!! team dnt worry. this world is round what goes around always comes around lakers ...yall time is now hahahahaha Score 81 verses Artest kobe!!! jackass

stop living in the past ?? that means that the lakers actually have a past and is a past of winning, not like the kings a past of getting owned and choking against the lakeshow, like shaq said "you'll never be the capital of california" and detroit owns LA ?? because they won a couple fluke championships with injured magic and shaq/kobe tension ?? :stupid:

win a ring and come back to me

boston owns LA, they are the only ones allowed to brag, the lakers own philadelphia, san antonio, portland, indiana, new jersey, philadelphia, minnesotta and specially the all-time choking franchise of sactown queens
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