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Originally Posted by ~spectre~
Couple of FWIW rumors:

Guy in Minnesota is speculating about a 9th/Ammo for 3rd/filler trade...the Minny organization has been asked twice (last time this AM) and won't comment.

Laker fan on RealGM says we are in "serious" talks about a Odom/Crash swap.

Charlotte needs to move up if at all possible and get...OJ MAYO. I have seen this kid play since he was younger at Huntington High School in Huntington WV and got a chance to see him play in college. He is the real deal. If Charlotte wants a guy to put AIS (arses in seats) and to get a next gen stud, they need to amp up the charge to try to pursue the 3rd pick...but beware... I wouldnt be surprised to see the Heat take him @ #2. He is THAT good. If the Bobcats can get him, I'd be trecking up from Winston Salem for some season tix, he is the only player besides Beastley I'd pay to watch at this point in this years draft. That may change in the future.

Bobcats send #9, Morrison, and player... (?) for Minny's #3. Even if Miami goes with Mayo, still get Beasley or Rose. Win-Win Situation. And Morrison who is taking up NBA space and money , is gone.
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