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THB Crash's BYC drops July 1st so the deal with LAL would have to go down after that. We're still like 1 million short salarywise, so maybe a re-signed Hollins on a 1 year 1 million dollar contract to make it work?

I agree with Liverpooty that Mek seems to be more comfortable at the 5 spot, but I have a theory that it's Mek and not necessarily the organization who's pushing him being a PF. Remember the Idiot last year 1st saying he needed a C, we get Nazr then 2 weeks later the Idiot declares Mek a 5? Remember Mek and the Idiot getting into a heated argument around that time?

I'm thinking that like Felts and the "combo guard" thing, management is trying to undo last year's mistakes and get the players confidence in themselves and the team back. Mek really only struggles with certain PFs like Bosh, most he can hang with. IMO the main thing is to get a better rebounder/help defender beside him.

Meanmonster, totally agree that Mayo is worth making extaodinary moves in order to acquire him, but even if Miami takes him 2nd Beasley certainly wouldn't be a bad "settle".
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