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I'd like to point out something that just about all people overlook. So

The ceiling for a Great Perimeter defender is to be a "Shut down defender where they stop everyone"
The ceiling for a great Perimeter shooter is they don't miss any shots from the perimeter.

Both are possible to happen every night for a player but we both know both don't happen every night so the chances of either happening are slim to zero. Now which one do you think is harder to accomplish? For me I would say staying perfect from the perimeter .Thats why we need more guys that can shoot from the outside on a consistent basis.
You need to relize that the perimeter shooter does so much more for the offense and defense for a team when hes knocking down shots
- Draws double teams , freeing up other teammates
-When a Perimeter shooter is hitting shots it allows his teammates to get back on defense.
-Gets hes teammates and fans into the game which in turn builds there confidence.

In todays NBA kids are to relying to much on dunking and show boating and not enough on actually shooting the ball . I know you have probably heard that before in the past couple of years if you haven't ....well you have been living under a damn rock. Look what happened in the World Championships this year. Sure the US won its first 7 games but were they winning them with outside shots? No. When they played Greece it was disgusting how Greece took them to school with the pick and roll( One good perimeter defender isn't going to stop that with another one) and the outside shot. Its looked like the Greeks were just jacking up shots like it was nothing. No effort involved what so ever. How many guys in the NBA can you say that about? Peja, Tmac and Kobe is all I can name.
Look at the scoring for teams today in the NBA. Its is way below what it was in the 80's and 90's . There were multilply teams avg. over 110 a night.Now you're offense is considered good if you're team can really put up anything close to 100pts. This is largely in part to defense getting better and driving to the basket one on one instead of passing it to a great perimeter shooter.
The gap may not be far between Great perimeter shooters and Great Perimeter defenders but if push came to shove I would take the Great Perimeter Shooter in a heart beat.Good luck sizz , its been a long but good fight.
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