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Default Of The Big Five...

...Who do you think PORTLAND will shop first? I'm talking about Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, LaMarcus Aldridge, Travis Outlaw and Rudy Fernandez. I know Outlaw has been rumored in trade talks but not because PORTLAND put him in those trade talks but because other teams have. So who of the five will be the first to be placed on the trade block in Portland in their career?

I'll say LaMarcus Aldridge. If he doesn't go back to the post and start rebounding then I could see Nate and KP getting frustrated with him because they drafted him for those two reasons and I have no doubt in my mind that Portland can go out and get a power forward that can do those things. Also I believe that Pritchard is trying to build the 2003 San Antonio Spurs with Oden in David Robinson's role and looking for a Tim Duncan. Two seven footers with great post, man and help defense who can both step out and hit a midrange jumper as well as put it down in the blocks and I'm starting to think that LaMarcus doesn't have the mental and physical toughness to stay in the post for 30+ minutes a game for 82+ games a year. I have nothing wrong with shooting the midrange jumper in games but I saw plenty of times last season where he got the ball about 15 feet out with an open lane to the basket and instead of being aggresive and picking up a foul on somebody, or a dunk, he would settle for the jumper.
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