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Originally Posted by SmokyMcNasty
You posting this on a basketball messageboard right now asking a bunch of strangers about what is or isn't cheating means you are desperately trying to get with this chick, have a guilty conscience, and you want us to make you feel better by saying "Go ahead.. fuhk the biitch!"

I mean... you should know your own girlfriend better than we would. Does she get mad at you when you guys goto the mall together and she catches you glancin at another girl? Does your girl get mad that you watch porn? If yes, then your girl is probably very possessive and she would probably consider the slightest thing "cheating" If not, your girl might be more lenient.

Don't get it twisted though. If my girl got some dude's number, I'm gonna set that bytch straight! But if I never find out, how can I get mad? Like I said. It's not cheating if she doesnt find out. Keep it discrete. If this chick that's giving you her number is fine, who am I to say you should be faithful? Women are maaaaad sneaky too. Don't think for a second that just because you won't cheat on your wifey that she won't cheat on you.

Do what you think is right.

great reply.

for the record, im the girlfriend. I'm not one to be possessive nor do i trust easily. It's interesting to see what guys consider cheating. Gives me a better insight on the mind of a man..
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