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Default Re: Of The Big Five...

Originally Posted by BlazersDozen
8 RPG is misleading. He was inconsistant at grabbing boards last season. I remember he'd have good rebound games followed by games where he'd grab 3 or 4 maybe 5 rebounds and have played 30+ minutes. And it's not just the rebounding. Basically I'm saying, I'm seeing more and more of Rasheed Wallace in him than Chris Bosh.

I would LOVE if he became a Rasheed type player. With Rasheed the Blazers were damn near champs. Oden should be better than Sabonis was and we won't have to deal with Shaq like 2000. Plus as Iamflang said, he's young. Aldridge is only 22. I don't see us giving up on him just because he isn't a bruiser type low post player.
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