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Default NW arms race- russell westbrook

every year i have hopes of the nuggets going after the perfect fit- of course it never works for me as the players ive wanted always seem to get picked before the nugs pick- josh smith, jr smith, & hakim warrick were my hopes in their year- they went 3,2,&1 pick before the nuggets

(easy for anyone to say now, but) i really wanted amare, and from watching the mcdonalds game i also really wanted monta ellis- the nuggets only had their hands on 3 differen picks in the 15 or so spots leading up to ellis being picked in rd 2 (anybody remember ricky sanchez?)

anyway my point is, i was excited for a while with hopes that the nuggets would think like me and be able to grab the PERFECT future nug- RUSSELL WESTBROOK- 6-4 pg ucla

westbrook will be a (imo) great pg in the nba- he will be one of if not the top defensive pg in the league from day 1- his offense is also misunderstood as he may not be the prototype set-it up with the dribble type point- he is a ball pusher and ball mover- westbrook is also a world class athlete and imo the only gaurd that compares athletically to rose- westbrook is very good at getting to the basket and is a great finisher

russell westbrook would be the perfect point gaurd for the nuggets, weather he is lining up next to jr & carmelo, or even as an iverson sidekick- the guy doesnt need the ball all the time, doesnt force his own shots, and has a perfect attitude & work ethic- i can only picture westbrook running the fastbreak w guys like jr, melo& kleiza- how could anyone keep up w that?

westbrook is the player we need to compete for championships against guys like tony parker, cp3,& d williams

here is my concern- i believe that both seattle and portland would both love to get westbrook- hopefully seattle goes w bayless, but then there is another pg to deal w

what about pick 5? 6? 8? could westbrook be available there? could denver trade into one of those picks? is memphis really trading 5 for david lee and to get rid of cardinal? why shouldnt we want cardinal & the pick- najera isnt coming back to this circus- could cardinal actually fill the najera role for us? a perfect trade imo would be iverson & 3 future 1sts for cardinal, mike miller and #5- even if nugs add klieza im not sure memphis does that deal(though they should) would martin & klieza get cardinal & #5? would camby & kleiza be enough? too much?

because of our #1 i still think of denver as the best team in our division- but is it time to fill the pg hole? yes, and it should be westbrook

all westbrook would be in charge of for the nugs is covering parker, paul, williams, & probobly roy, durant, kobe & also possibly bayless & mayo- that seems fairly important to me- unless you want melo and a carter to split those duties

imo westbrook is worth denvers next 3 1st round picks- of course i though rodney stucky was too- (and admit that i thought shaun livingston was too) how much would you give up for westbrook or another player that you see perfect for the nugs? (ps rose may be worth 6-8 picks but the limit is 3) what do you expect the nugs to get over the next 4-5 years in the draft anyway at picks 20-25 or higher?

im a huge believer tha you shouldnt let the draft order dictate what you get- you have to find the right player, and then figure out a way to make it happen

utah is solid and in good position for the future- portland seems to be in great position for the future, and seattle & minnisota both have something going- it is time for the nuggets to face reality that this current team will not win it all- imo the next nugget team (if done right) will be a championship contender

sorry for the rant and for the 100th time throwing out westbrooks name- i just know that there is a really really good chance that my westbrook to the nugs dream will end tomorow- i just hope portland doesnt make a move to grab him, & i really dont want westrook to go to those rotten bastards from oklahoma

2010 nba champs
-jr smith

oh yeah and they would keep winning chips for a while
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